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4-H сургалт 01-19-2013

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4H Lesson, 19 January 2013
Today we had 15 little students and 20 older students .
We started this week's lesson with an episode of My Little Pony, a children's cartoon, while the students showed up. The episode we watched was the 7th episode from Season 2, titled, "May the Best Pet Win". In this episode, students learn about healthy pet-owner relationships.
We then split into two groups -- older and younger children. In the younger group, we started by learning the song, "Hokey Pokey". Students learned both the lyrics and the dance, and they were accompanied on guitar. Afterwards, we reviewed the lyrics to "I'm a Little Teapot", and learned the dance. Again, we accompanied the children on guitar. We then split into four groups, and with a teacher for each group, we individually assessed each child's knowledge of the alphabet, shapes, colors, and lyrics to four songs. We did this for all 24 children. Finally, we finished with another round of guitar and singing.
For the older group, we began by learning the lyrics to Mariah Carey's 1993 hit, Hero. Afterwards, we went through the lyrics of a Mongolian children's song, "Maamuu Naash Ir", and translated them to English. After that, we did some light reading of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s biography. Next, we discussed the lyrics to "Top of The World", released in 1973 by The Carpenters. Next we finished the English part of the lesson with the 13th episode of Season 2 of My Little Pony, "Baby Cakes". From this episode, we learned about how taking care of children involves a lot of responsibility -- not just playing with them. Finally, we finished with a lesson taught in Mongolian about endangered species. We discussed three animals: the Gobi Bear, the marmot, and the saiga antelope. For each animal, we discussed their populations and why these animals are endangered, and watched videos about these animals. We also began preparing plays where the main characters are endangered animals.
We had a wonderful lesson.

Teacher Philip.