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Сургалт 149. 2013-4-6

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Энэ өдрийн хичээлийг АХЛАХ НАСНЫ АНГИЛАЛД:

       Philip багш маань "Англи хэл"-ний хичээлээ орлоо.


philip багшийн хичээл









Learned the lyrics to the 2002 song Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne.
- Began today's lesson on education. Started with a strip from the daily comic Calvin and Hobbes. This particular comic was critical of the rote learning often present in school.
- We then translated and discussed an illustrated quote about intelligence from Albert Einstein. With the quote and comic, arrived at the idea that teaching to standardized tests does not make for a good education.

- I openly told the students that I despised the curriculum at my international school in Mongolia; and that, in an effort to prepare the students for their examinations, I was in many ways stifling creativity and the development of life skills.
- Is there a better way to go about education? I talked for a bit about my alma mater, the Olin College of Engineering in Massachusetts, U.S.A. This school, started in 2002, was founded with the idea that higher education institutions were not teaching engineering as well as they could be. Rather than spend excessive time with textbooks, students at Olin worked in teams on interesting projects from the very first day -- what we called a "do-learn" experience.
- Next, we saw a TED talk given by John Hardy, the founder of Green School in Bali, Indonesia. This school provided children with a holistic and green education.
- Showed the children an illustrated quote about the importance of travel featuring Mark Twain's words. I added that, regarding travel as part of one's education, it's much more important what you do than where you go.
- The next part of the lesson on education was about how ultimately, your education is in your hands. Tried to illustrate to the students that although places such as Olin College and Green School create an impressive environment for learning, in the end it is up to the students themselves to decide what to pursue and get done.
- Told the students about some of my personal history. Shared a story about how in an effort to see different viewpoints and obtain authentic experiences outside of middle-class America, I had run away from home and enlisted in the U.S. military.
- While stationed in Okinawa, Japan, I had pursued many avenues of self improvement, such as volunteering to teach English, taking college courses, joining a running club and MMA gym, and organizing cultural events for other marines.
- Told the children that by accomplishing these personal goals as an enlisted person (a difficult feat, considering that the military is usually a situation where one is expected to conform), I learned that no matter the situation, it is really up to oneself to do what you want to do.
- Compared this behavior to an attitude that I would sometimes see at Olin College: even among students in one of the best environments in the world for learning, I would often hear jaded sentiments and complaints about an incomplete education and lack-of-direction in life. But, in my opinion, it should have been up to the students themselves to start projects, obtain jobs, and work with professors to pursue their interests.
- Moving on, told the children that volunteering was a great way to explore their passions. Shared a story about how I worked one summer in high school studying ferrets, and in this way discovered that I did not want to be a research scientist when I grew up. Told the students to please not finish high school having no clue what they want to be when they grow up.
- Started adding on random ideas. Read a quote from Jake from the animated television series Adventure Time, about not being afraid to learn (and initially perform poorly at) new things.
- Shared a book that I want to read, about five children and two adults who bicycled across America.
- Read an illustrated quote featuring the words of Charles Bukowski that I can definitely relate to. The quote is about getting things done regardless of what sort of environment you are in.
- Mentioned to the children that my dream is to homeschool my kids.
- Before break, summarized the take-home message as follows: Regarding education, it's up to you.
- Took a break. During break, the children watched an episode from the award-winning animated television series, "The Amazing World of Gumball".
- After break, demonstrated a few ways that children could take charge of their education and learn on their own.
- Told the children about learning programming with the Scratch programming language. Created a game on the spot with them.
- Explored some websites for taking free online classes from top professors.
- Used the combination of torrenting and ebook management software to download books.
- With Google and YouTube, looked up how to learn all sorts of things.
- Finished the formal lesson. Afterwards, reviewed a few favorite songs, then learned the lyrics to a few new songs including The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars (2011) and One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) by One Direction (2013).



       Ш.Ариунзаяа, Б.Үлэмж, Э.Саруул, Б.Төгсбаяр нар хичээл орж, туслах багшаар Б.Дэлгэрмөрөн нар ажиллалаа.

149 дэх удаагийн сургалтыг Саруул багш эхлүүлсэн бөгөөд хүүхдүүдийн үгийн баялаг, сэтгэлгээний хурдыг хөгжүүлэх сургалтыг явуулснаас гадна "Газар Зүй"-н мэдлэг буюу улс хотуудын талаарх мэдлэгийг сайжруулах хөгжөөнт тоглоом явуулснаар өөрийн хичээлээ өндөрлөсөн юм.

 IMG-20130406-00683           IMG-20130406-00682

           Үүний дараагаар 105-р сургуулийн хүүхдүүд "Номын Анд" уралдаанд бэлдэж буй жүжгээ бусаддаа үзүүлж сонирхууллаа.


"Монгол Ёс Заншил, Ардын аман зохиол" -ын хичээлийг явуулсан бөгөөд хүүхэд багачуудын дунд бяцхан тэмцээн явууллаа.

Энэхүү тэмцээн нь 2 үе шаттай байсан бөгөөд 1-р үе нь "Оньсого таах", 2-р үе нь "Оньсон тоглоом" байлаа.

          Эхний үеийг бүх хүүхдүүдийн дунд явуулсан бөгөөд хамгийн эхэнд 3 оньсого таасан 2 хүүхэд шалгарч дараагийн үе болох оньсон тоглоомын оньсыг тайлах байлаа.

10 минутын хугацаанд оньсыг тайлах ёстой байсан боловч 2 сурагч маань учрыг нь хараахан олсонгүй. Гэвч ялагч тодрох учиртай байсан тул тэмцээний ялагч маань шагналаа аван оюун ухааны цар хүрээгээ тэлэх "Монгол Оньсон Тоглоом"-ын эзэн болж чадсан юм.

Teacher: Tugsbayar   Teacher: Tugsbayar

                                                            Teacher: Tugsbayar

Энэ өдрийн сүүлчийн хичээлийг Б.Үлэмж багш орсон бөгөөд "Зургийн хичээл"-ээр үргэлжлүүлэв. 

 IMG-20130406-00696          Teacher: Ulemj 

 IMG-20130406-00702  Teacher: Ulemj

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