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Сургалт 151 2013-04-20

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4H Lesson, 20 April 2013


- There was miscommunication before this lesson, resulting in the lack of a projector for the first hour. As a result, some parts of today's lesson did not happen in the intended order.

- Began by reading a chapter from Louis Sachar's "Wayside School is Falling Down".

- Next, we went outside and made ice cream.

- Next, we went inside and had a discussion about today's topic, tolerance.

- We began by talking about race. Between Undarmaa teacher, Philip teacher, and our guest speaker Levi teacher, we related some of our stories involving foreigners in Ulaanbaatar. We each had several stories that included violence.

- Next, I asked Levi teacher to share some of his experiences as a white person dating a Mongolian person. He talked about several negative things that happened to them. Levi, relating his personal experiences, was able to engage the students and really expose them to issues on racial tolerance.

- Next, we began talking about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) issues.

- At this point, we obtained a projector.

- Learned the lyrics to Lada Gaga's "Born This Way"

- Used the following hand-picked resources to illustrate how LGBT people often need to deal with significant unfair intolerance: a quote from "The Golden Girls", a sitcom popular in the 1980's; a picture from an LGBT awareness event that showed people who had come out about their sexuality holding signs showing the consequences that they had experienced; interview segments from "The Lies of Liberty", a short documentary prepared by LGBT Centre Mongolia; a quote from Facebook that tried to contextualize arguments against homosexuality; a quote from Hillary Clinton about needing to accept that homosexuality is a reality of humanity; a picture of a happy senior couple finally able to obtain a marriage license after their state legalized gay marriage; and a picture of a mixed-race straight couple showing support at an LGBT rally.

- Viewed and interpreted a series of four rage comics on homosexuality. They covered an appropriate attitude to have towards gay couples, appropriate repsonses to a friend coming out, stereotypes about gay men having style sense, and stereotypes about gay men and the activities they engage in.

- Listened to and learned some of the lyrics to "Same Love", a 2012 single by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, featuring by Mary Lambert. The song talks about legalizing gay marriage, and it was recorded during the campaign for a law that allowed same-sex marriages in Washington state.

- To touch on the topic of racial intolerance again, showed footage of a study conducted by CNN about how children in schools see skin color.

- Finished with a comic from, depicting a parable about not being so trapped by dogma and rules that you forget what is really important.