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сургалт 153 2013.05.04

И-мэйл Хэвлэх PDF

Хичээл заасан багш Д. Ариунзаяа, П. Ундармаа, Philip Chung

Ардын аман зохиол хичээлээр: 

Таван хошуу малын магтаал заалаа. Мөн малтай холбоотой оньсого таалцаж бог болон бод малыг насны ангилалаар, нас бие гүйцсэнийг хэрхэн нэрлэдэг болохыг сурцгаалаа. 

Ахлах ангийн англи хэлний хичээлээр: 

 Began by learning the lyrics to "Marry You" by Bruno Mars.

- Today's lesson was about romantic relationships. Told the children that today's main idea was simple -- in my opinion, people should date more. Made it clear that this was just my opinion.
- Nowadays, in America, the divorce rate is about 50%. In general, I believe that most people have much to learn about relationships. Hence, I think that most people should date more, see more perspectives, and learn more about both themselves and interacting with others before becoming seriously committed.
- Watched "Yellow Lights", an award-winning independent film from 2007. This film helped shape my current view on relationships.
- After break, learned the lyrics to several songs: Wannabe (Spice Girls, 1996), Please Don't Leave Me (P!nk, 2009), and If That Isn't Love (Weird Al Yankovic, 2011).