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Сургалт 174 2014-03-01

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Mongolian 4-H- Advanced English Lesson March 1st, 2014

This week's English lesson consisted of 3 parts. The first part was teaching a song, Happy by Pharrell Williams. Kids watched the official video of the song and Gina helped the students learn the new vocabularies and translate the lyrics. The second part aimed to inform the students about Barak Obama's book "Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters" and introduce one of the most famous American artist Georgia O'Keeffe about whom Barak Obama wrote in his book. Students translated the part about Georgia O'Keeffe from the book, and watched a video about her life and work titled, "Georgia O'Keeffe- Life and Art." The third part of the lesson was prepared by Gina who introduced the students to new terms including majors, profession, occupation, and job etc, and helped them learn the difference between these terms. She also asked the students what occupation they would like to choose and why. Moreover, Gina went through several professions and why people choose them etc. For the last one hour of the class, students left to attend a drawing lesson by one of Mongolian famous artist L.Unurchimeg.

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