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Weedon Scott

Beauty Smith had a big, cruel plan for making money with White Fang and made him angry on purpose. One day, he took White Fang and put him in a pen. Many men came and then a dog was put in the pen with White Fang. The men held money in their hands.
"O.K., who thinks the dog can beat my wolf? I'm taking all bets!"
The men exchanged money and then watched. White Fang destroyed the first dog he fought in two minutes. The men were wild with excitement. Other, bigger, meaner dogs came and White Fang beat them all. He used all the anger he felt for white men against the other animals. Every animal he fought was Beauty Smith in White Fang's mind.
The men put in two, and sometimes three, dogs against White Fang, but he still beat them. White Fang became famous. Every man around Fort Yukon wanted to see him fight. Beauty Smith made lots of money.

Then, one day, an old man came out of the crowd of men with a strange-looking dog. It was a small bulldog named Cherokee.
"O.K., Cherokee. Show this wolf what you can do."
White Fang did not attack immediately as he usually did - and this dog did not attack him either. The men, as usual, wanted the other dog to win.
"Come on, Cherokee! Get him!"
The bulldog walked slowly towards White Fang. When he was close, White Fang bit him. The dog was hurt, but he continued his slow walk, following White Fang round the pen. White Fang continued to attack and bite the dog, but the dog's skin was thick and White Fang could not hurt it badly. Then something happened which had never happened to White Fang before. He fell. White Fang was usually so fast that he could jump and attack and always stay on his feet. But this dog was too small, and he fell over it and onto his back. The bulldog got White Fang by the neck. White fang tried to escape, but this dog did not let him go. He held on, biting harder and hurting White Fang until he could not move. The men were very excited.
"He's got him now!"
"Kill him, Cherokee! Kill him!"
Just as Cherokee was about to kill White Fang, two men broke through the crowd and entered the pen. "Hey, what are you doing? Are you crazy?" "You beasts!"
The man who spoke was tall, thin and well-dressed. His face was red from riding through the snow. The men at Fort Yukon thought he was going to call the police, so they said nothing because dogfights were illegal.
"Is he still alive, Matt?"
"Yes, Mr Scott, but we have to get this bulldog's mouth open or the wolf'11 die."
The tall man, Weedon Scott, was a mining expert at the gold mines. Matt drove his sled. Weedon took a gun with a long nose from his side. He put the nose of the gun inside the bulldog's mouth and tried to force it open. Cherokee's owner came into the pen.
Don't break his teeth, mister. That's all I ask. Don't break his teeth."
Get back or I'll break yours!"
Weedon used all his strength to open the bulldog's mouth, and he succeeded. He threw the bulldog back, and Matt tried to slop White Fang's bleeding. Beauty Smith was angry.
"That there is my dog! Give him back to me!"
Weedon Scott took out his wallet and gave the man one hundred fifty dollars.
"There! Now he's mine!"
"He's worth more than that!"
Weedon Scott felt very angry towards this man who was happy to see his own dog killed. He punched Beauty Smith so hard in the face that he knocked him backwards into the snow.
"I can always get the police! I know they have a nice comfortable cell for men like you .You stay there in the snow with your money, and be thankful for what you got! Understand?"
Beauty Smith now knew his cruel game was over.



Weedon Scott
Read or listen to Chapter 8, then put the correct words in the gaps to complete these sentences.

1  One day, Beauty Smith took White Fang and put him in a…………………………….
2    White Fang used the…………….he had for the white men against the other animals.
3    The strange-looking dog was a small…………..named Cherokee.
4     Weedon Scott used the………..of his gun to force Cherokee's mouth open.
5     Weedon Scott took out his………….and gave the man one hundred fifty dollars.

What do you think?

1    Why did Weedon Scott call the men "beasts"?
2    Why do you think Cherokee's owner didn't want Weedon to break the dog's teeth?
3    Do you think animals should be kept in cages? Why/why not?
4    Do you have animal fights in your country? What do you think of them?

Language Practice

/  Read the meanings and unscramble the words to write them in the gaps.
1    What you do when you come into a room.                                retne=
2    What people call you.                                                                    maen =
3    Mad.                                                                                                  yzcra =
4    Someone who knows a lot about something.                         etxpre =
5    A person who has something that belongs only to him.       wnroe =

11 Work with a partner. Look at the expressions below. When could you use them? Now, make up your own dialogue using as many expressions as possible, e.g. you are ice skating with a friend.

SA: "1 can't stay on my feet! The ice is too slippery."
SB: "Don't worry, I'll catch you if you fall."